Terms of use

These LOYALTY PROGRAM TERMS OF USE – USER AGREEMENT (“Terms of Use or User Agreement”), Hmaks Store. and Tic. Inch. For members of the loyalty program managed by ;

It explains the conditions for benefiting services that will provide concrete and / or intangible benefits to him / her. The natural person (Member) who becomes a member by accepting these Terms of Use accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she has read, understood and approved the entire Terms of Use, and that he/she will comply with all statements made regarding membership. and services and will act in accordance with these statements.

The member accepts, declares and undertakes that, when performing any transaction within the scope of this program, he/she will act in accordance with all applicable legislation and understands and approves all the specified terms and rules. The Member's legal and criminal liability for every transaction and action he carries out within Almasa.com and belongs exclusively to him.

membership registration is carried out without any fee from the Member.

Participation is an advantage specific to member users and customers registered on almasas.com.

After registering to the My Almasa program, you must log in to almasa.com account to access the My hmaks control panel.

After logging into your hmaks.com account, you can access the control panel tab on the “My Account” page.

The Member declares that the information he/she provided while becoming a member correct, that he/she will update this data in case of any change, and that shall not be held responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of not updating this data or providing incorrect data and/or the termination of the rights the Member has acquired until that day accepts and declares that it is not responsible.

Members cannot convert into money, sell or transfer any intangible or concrete benefit to be provided to them in any way. If such a situation is detected, the benefit provided will be canceled immediately membership may be suspended or terminated.

After membership, situations such as closure account by the Member, loss, theft, password seizure; It may cause the termination of various rights and/or opportunities that the Member has acquired until that day (including unused points becoming invalid). In addition, without limitation, the reward points earned during the membership and the rights granted to the Member will be deleted by Hmaks, taken back and automatically terminated.